PostedDecember 18, 2013
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I’ve modified Shaun Inman’s excellent Unplayed, and figured I might as well release it in case someone else wants it.

You can view my Unplayed, or keep reading to find out more about the changes I made.

You can download my version of Unplayed here.

Any List You Like

The original Unplayed only officially supported 4 pre-defined lists. My version supports as many lists as you want, and it’s really easy to add your own.

My version scans the unplayed directory for files and then uses each file (you can add exceptions if you want) as a list. Files are listed in alphabetical order and titled according to PHP’s ucwords() function, taking the filename (minus extensions) as a parameter.

If you add numbers and a dash in front of the filename, they will also be stripped prior to titling a list. This allows you to easily control the alphabetical order of your files without messing with their actual titles.

So, for example, 00-unplayed.md will be titled “Unplayed”.

Less Dependent

I removed Unplayed’s dependency on Markdown and SmartyPants. This makes it a lot easier to install but it may remove some features.

Your lists are still written in some form of Markdown, with basic list, link, and paragraph support. SmartyPants support is no longer included.


I also added a search feature. Searching includes game name’s, systems, and notes, so it’s easy to find a game for a given system or see if you remembered to enter a game already.