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PostedSeptember 10, 2013
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Wow… It’s finally here.

I started working on the new website in early October. It was supposed to launch later that month. Then December. Then January. Then April. Then August. Now, September.

Here’s the rundown on what’s new (I’ll give you a hint: it’s everything).

And even if you’ve been here before, since everything is new and improved, I encourage you to look around. You’ll find an updated, better version of whatever it is you’ve seen before.

New Design

I’ve rebuilt the whole website from scratch! The markup is cleaner, the typography better, and as a whole the design feels much tighter. There are plenty of small details to talk about, but I’m only gonna cover the basics in this post.

Fit for Phones

The website is now fully responsive! Yay!

It’ll reformat automatically for phone or tablet screens! You can mess with this now if you just resize your window and watch how it changes. No more pinch-to-zoom and squint-to-read.

No Longer (Word)Pressed for Attention

I’ve abandoned WordPress for my blog! This makes me far happier than you can possibly imagine.

Instead, I’m using Kirby CMS, including a custom blog component I wrote.1

Here’s why I abandoned WordPress:

Live Action Website

There’s animations everywhere! It’s really cool! There’s not much more to say about this, really.

Font-Family Friendly

Custom fonts should now work on all browsers.

Logo? Lo-gone!

It’s pretty subtle, but the old logo is out, and I’ve got a new one. On top of being a tad more realistic, the new logo is composed better and has better balance.

New Content

In addition to completely rewriting the website from the ground up, I also re-did all of the content. Everything.



PokerPlus got a new coat of paint! The cards are more minimalistic and much cleaner, design-wise. Instructions can be printed on one page and kept as a pocket reference.

It’s the same game, but prettier and easier to learn.

Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety was probably the single component of the new website that took the longest to update.

Instead of its Flixel descendant, this new version is powered by FlashPunk, and, of course, it’s very different, even if the levels are the same. And even the levels have been tweaked so the game flows better.

Plus, the game finally has music! Woah.
And it’s really awesome. Zing.



We’ve got some new freebies! And a little bubble to tell you how many there are.

First Base

First Base is now code-signed! Gatekeeper is on my side now!

I’ve also included Sparkle support so you can automatically update the app when new versions come out, in case I need to make changes in the future (like this Gatekeeper update) or fixes for new OSes.

(Sadly, in the process, First Base has lost PowerPC support. But since PowerPC computers don’t have Gatekeeper anyway, PowerPC users can continue to use the old version with no loss in functionality.)


New program, coming through!

Wavr is a search solution I came up with after seeing Shaun Inman’s awesome Shortwave. Wavr is a remix of Shaun’s original concept, acting as its own webpage unlike its bookmarklet counterpart. It’s also fully themeable and hackable, which is pretty neat.

So, yeah. Lots of changes. And all for the better.

I hope you enjoy the new website as much as I enjoyed making it. I’m excited to start adding more content again! I’ve already got a few projects lined up that should hopefully be debuting soon.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  1. I’ll write a different post explaining why Kirby is so awesome later. I’ll update this footnote to add a link when that happens.