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Whatever it is, Wavr is here to help you find it.

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Wavr is a friendly search assistant. It uses keywords to turbocharge your search process.

For instance, to search Google, you just type: g (search term), or to search Wikipedia, use w (search term).

The best part? You define your own keywords. It's as simple as editing a txt file!

Note: You must self-host Wavr if you want to customize your experience. Otherwise, you are free to use my hosted version with default settings.

Some browsers will allow you to read local files using JavaScript. If you use such a browser, Wavr will work locally. Otherwise, you will need to run Wavr on a server, local or online.

Your Wavr. Your way.

Wavr is designed to be easy for you to customize.

You can change colors, create your own searches, or hack into the source to do something special.

Here are a few color schemes you might want to try:

Go ahead and copy your selected scheme and add it to your waves.txt:

# THEME NAME: Default
[[bgColor]] #1789aa
[[light]] #ddd
[[dark]] #0f6077
[[text]] #333
[[placeholder]] #999

Hang ten!

Set up your waves.txt file, and you're good to go!

waves.txt can be used for 3 things:


To create a comment, simply prefix your line with #:

# this is a comment line
# you can insert as many comments as you like
# the parser will ignore them!
# (the parser will also ignore blank lines)

2. Colors

You can style Wavr to look however you want. There are five colors you can define, using this format:

[[colorName]] color (CSS syntax)

# the colors you can define are bgColor, light, dark, placeholder, and text
# see above for an example

3. Keywords

Keywords are the main feature of Wavr, and they are easy to define.

keyword		URL (insert %s to be replaced by search term)		name

# note that you can insert any amount of whitespace between each item
# below is a real example:
moonblog	http://tasteofmoonlight.com/blog/search:%s		Taste of Moonlight Blog